Autonomous Application-Centric Security

We reduce your Kubernetes attack surface and create application sandboxing at the speed of DevOps. When an attack happens, you turn the tables on your adversaries by disrupting their kill chain at every K8s app boundary. 

You create a defense in depth where every app acts as a hurdle the adversary must pass to reach your crown jewel.

Autonomous App Security is driven by app identity (authentication) and the least privileged, portable policy (authorization) given to every app and service. It is enterprise-ready with prescriptive workflows and automation that lead to instant visibility, alerts, and enforcement. Think of IAM (Identity and Access Management), Firewall, and UEBA (User Entity Behavior Analysis) transparently embedded into every app on the cloud.

Non-disruptive and high performing, leveraging Linux superpowers of eBPF

In comparison, proxy and sidecars are not a new concept but they add incremental fault domains that disrupt existing connections and impact business continuity. Also, Araali operates in read-only mode resulting in no modification to current workings.

Built for the modern hybrid cloud world

However, it can also work with legacy. It does not require all apps to have Araali. This enables teams to slowly roll out Araali with confidence. In addition, Araali can consistently handle heterogeneous environments - VMs, containers, functions done by any solution on the cloud.

Based on a rethink of the fundamentals of security - Authentication, Authorization, and Audit

 AAM uses non-repudiable identity as the foundation of authentication. It builds security on top of the foundation with granular policies that can stop malware from laterally moving or taking orders from its command and control. 

Strong identity leads to a policy paradigm

The policies are auto-discovered - in dev or staging,  self-managed - auto-created and updated, and portable - created on-prem and usable on any cloud. Policies travel with the app as the app moves across the infrastructure and are identity-based/non-reliant on IPs so they work with immutable infrastructures.

Based on simple, prescriptive workflows to enable security.

Automation helps customers keep up as every app - customer, 3rd party, open-source - keeps evolving. 

Araali's Claims for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)


Can't move laterally


Can't communicate with any other enterprise apps 


Can't exfiltrate data or communicate with Command & Control