Your Team is under constant Stress

Fear of the unknown - Increased attack surface lets adversaries blend in, move around, and leak data

Too much work - Team struggle to bridge islands of data like native cloudwatch logs, Host EDR to detect

Too little time - By the time they narrow down on true positive it's too late to stop a breach

Auto-organize the Chaos to isolate your Threats

From: Log Overdose

To: Organized App Flows

Easy to spot threats yet performant, fully automated, and with no business disruption.


Why choose app boundary for Runtime Security?

Being application-centric helps security match the speed and agility of Kubernetes.

Applications are a natural trust boundary

When one app gets compromised, it doesn’t put other apps at risk in a shared Kubernetes cluster.

Privileges should be verified for an Identity

Applications have a natural identity lending to true zero-trust networking (least-privilege) that prevents lateral movement and exfiltration.

Least-privileges for every application

Application privileges are inherent and can be auto-discovered with granular representation in DevOps and attributed to apps.

App privileges are portable

Application privileges can be discovered once and reused later, improving agility.

Intra-app chatter can be overwhelming

Apps provide a natural boundary to hide internal microservices chatter and achieve the attack surface of the corresponding original monolith.



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