Will the next app you install, compromise your security?


Our mission is to be your eyes and guard your app infrastructure 24/7. And we do it without disrupting any traffic or touching any packets!  

From the fear of not knowing enough to full visibility and control at your fingertips. Any anomaly raises precise alerts that can be quickly dispatched to the right app team - full context, zero false positives, sent to the right team.


Use Cases

Applicable consistently across VMs, Containers and Kubernetes

Kubernetes Network Security

Kubernetes creates a cluster-wide operating system of pooled resources without providing any automatic segmentation or isolation of the applications launched within. The current K8s security story is built around pods. A Pod is an IP address and is not granular enough to distinguish a good process vs. a malware running behind the IP. 


Araali enables out of the box segmentation of K8s along app boundaries (firewall). If one app gets compromised, it doesn’t affect another app running in the cluster (sandboxing). This allows enterprises to run Kubernetes as a cluster-wide operating system yet achieve security and segmentation across clusters that might be running on multi-cloud.


As you onboard multiple apps on your K8s clusters, it becomes hard to manage all the risks and vulnerabilities.


Deploying Araali enables an inventory view of applications and their attack surface, privileges, and vulnerability scores - akin to a real-time pentesting report that is always current. Araali also enables a detailed network view to understand traffic patterns within or across K8s clusters that might be accessing external services. This is also handy for audit and compliance.

Applicable consistently across VMs, Containers and Kubernetes

Data Breach Detection

Adversaries use novel techniques to attack apps and data which might go undetected with traditional tools.


Araali Firewall creates and tracks adherence to a least-privilege environment. It detects and prevents data breaches and abnormal movements by dropping the packet and raising an auditable alert. This is akin to “defense in depth” where every app tier represents a hurdle the adversary must cross to reach your crown jewels.

Incident Analysis

SOC teams are overstretched with alerts that are often false positives. The team spends a lot of time combing and correlating data across EDR, IAM, CloudWatch, and Firewall logs, which is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when IPs are ephemeral and get reassigned. 


Araali allows security teams to contextualize network access logs with the application context. This is very powerful in investigating and understanding inter-app communications as well as attacks. With Araali, the SecOps team can get all that goodness out of the box with comprehensive, long-term audits and economies of storing these audits in Araali cloud.

Applicable consistently across VMs, Containers and Kubernetes


As Enterprise onboard new custom apps, third-party software, and external services it becomes challenging to prove compliance on an ongoing basis.


Araali provides the right security controls to prove and maintain ongoing PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliance.

External Services

As you leverage SaaS services (e.g., AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB Atlas, Twilio, Slack, etc.) and partnerships, your K8s networking gets porous. The best in class practice is to whitelist IP or VPC that accesses these services. But any adversary sitting on that IP address can also access these services.


Araali allows only known whitelisted apps to talk outside based on their non-repudiable identity - no malware, no APT. This is akin to adding a 2nd factor to programmatic PaaS access and not worrying about credential theft and data leaks.

Applicable consistently across VMs, Containers and Kubernetes

Data onPrem or VMs / K8s apps in cloud

Enterprises find it challenging to configure firewall rules between K8s app in the cloud and Databases on prem or VMs. Even if specific IP or VPC are allowed, anything from that IP will be able to access the DB, including malware. With Araali running on both App and Database, it ensures only Apps with the right identity and privileges can talk to the Database. 


Partner Access

Enterprises integrate with or access partner applications or APIs to provide digital service. Enterprises want the right security assurances that no malware or APT moves from your premise to theirs. In Araali’s world, this is achieved by ensuring only the proper application with verified identities can talk outside. This eliminates malware movement from your premise to theirs. 

Key Benefits


Covers  Kubernetes on-prem, on-cloud, managed, unmanaged across multi cloud .


Integrates into CI/CD pipeline, automated policy discovery and creation, low TCO (total cost of ownership)


Non-disruptive, instant visibility, instant monitoring with little hand holding

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