Deterministic, self-organizing, cloud-agnostic security for modern agile applications

Araali reduces the attack surface, block APT movement, and data exfiltration, across multi-clouds to fulfill the cloud shared responsibility model

Araali’s least-privilege policy framework leads to real-time granular visibility, whitelisted security, and compliance

1) Inject Araali Application Manager into your workloads in a CI/CD friendly way. Get instant visibility and full contextual long term audit.

2) Create auto-suggested deterministic policies based on non-repudiable application identity. Modern immutable infrastructure deserves modern policies that are permanent and portable.

3) Get clean contextual alerts when apps attempt to violate whitelisted policies. Alerts could be fed to a SIEM or acted upon instantly.

4) Turn on enforcement enabling Araali to prevent unauthorized access and data leak attempts. Sit back, relax and let Araali run the show. You still get full audits and clean actionable alerts so you can stay up to date.

** The above journey is purposefully incremental and enterprises can customize the level of engagement and security automation. Araali alerts can be fed into a SIEM allowing enterprises to own their own mitigation.

Monitor all your apps and assets for anomalies in a deterministic way

Tightens App Access Control for security and compliance

Blocks Malware and Exfiltration automatically from

  • Harvesting credentials and surveying your services.

  • Moving laterally and escalating privileges.

  • Coordinating with their command and control to exfiltrate data.

Get instant visibility into every app and workload running in the Cloud. 

Because Dynamic cloud world requires dynamic security that moves and scales with apps

  • Non-repudiable identity to eliminate breaches from password/token theft and identify the right actors

  • Composable whitelisted policies like composable apps and infrastructure

  • A paradigm to bring it all together - non-repudiable identities, whitelisted policies/privileges and an audit trail of app activities

Tight Security across your fleet of apps that is


There are too many cloud-native knobs often lacking secure defaults that are cumbersome to use and configure.

Inject Araali Application Manager and allow it to automatically take care of locking down privileges.

Deploy under 20 min.

Covers multi-cloud.


Modern infrastructure is ephemeral - chasing IP and Ports is a never-ending proposition. 

Auto-discovered, permanent and portable application privilege based on non-repudiable application identity.

Auto-discover policies with Araali, no pre-work necessary. Once discovered, the policies are portable across on-prem and cloud environments.


Zero bugs and vulnerabilities is a noble goal, but unrealistic. Chasing bad actors based on blacklists is tiring and error-prone especially as the list grows.

Not talking to strangers and whitelisting is a superior security strategy. It's just been hard to administer (pre-Araali). See it to believe it.

Araali prevents malware and unauthorized app from talking to your apps, moving laterally, or exfiltrating data - raising clean contextual alerts when such attempts are spotted.

Start with Araali and you can cover your infra - one app at a time 



A centralized firewall appliance is architecturally incapable of dealing with an exploding number of endpoints that need protection - from VMs to containers and now functions. Context is distributed, and so should your security

Inside out protection

Perimeter/DMZ oriented outside-in thinking is flawed - every asset needs protection. In fact the internal Crown Jewels need even more care, consideration and protection.

Hybrid ready

In a hybrid cloud world, your security cannot be sitting inside your on-prem perimeter. AWS security groups (as a proxy for even other cloud-native security controls) are also not a good replacement for a proper firewall function as the controls offered are quite rudimentary.

Araali Solution

Araali is a SaaS managed security solution that monitors and protects your apps deployed in the cloud. Enabling cloud adoption with security, visibility and governance



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