Compliance and security is becoming a shared responsibility 


Araali workflows enable Dev and Sec to work together to meet regulatory compliance standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2 with Araali visibility, network segmentation/firewall, application access control, intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring, alert lifecycle, and intelligently routed distributed alerts.  

Detailed Audit

For real-time audit requirements, get detailed process grain audits for all container activities. This provides detailed information and evidence to the auditors. Pick any range of time, any application, or any specific container to get the details.

Controlled Alerts with Alert lifecycle

Compared to other solutions, Araali policies are identity-based, deterministic, machine-generated, and validated by the app team. The policies are discovered in dev or staging before the application goes to production. During runtime, the deterministic policies lead to limited alerts that get intelligently routed to the app owners. Also, Araali provides an Alert lifecycle to share any details with your auditor.

Contextual Visibility

Araali correlates audits and activities across multiple applications. These applications might be on containers or VMs. This enables teams to get an end to end stitched picture without visiting numerous different tools and manually collating the events and information.

File Integrity  

Araali ensures file integrity by matching it to the hash of files it saw in CI/CD pipeline. Besides, it also looks into image vulnerabilities and risks and presents them in a digestible manner.

PCI, HIPAA, NIST-800-190, and SOC-2 Controls

Araali has mapped out PCI-DSS and HIPAA controls and how it applies it to your workloads.

Similar controls can be applied to SOC2 compliance.



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