Application-Centric Security for Autonomous Threat Mitigation

Dealing with advanced threats is hard, and the new world of agile apps makes it harder. With Araali’s Autonomous Threat Mitigation solution, you can say goodbye to alert fatigue when responding to intrusion attempts.

Why Application-Centric Security?

Apps are everywhere

In the future, users will be apps too. Your avatar will be doing transactions on your behalf. 

Apps are Agile

Teams release features at blazing speeds, reducing the effectiveness of bolted-on approaches to security.

Apps are the gateway to your Crown Jewels

If you treasure your data, you will protect your apps.

Apps have identity

Identity acts as a foundation for authorization and audit.

Apps are vulnerable

The number of vulnerabilities increases year after year, creating more opportunities for attackers.

How it works

Self Organizing
Easy to Deploy



Distributed Architecture


Autonomous Detection and Response




Customer Benefits


App segmentation helps with PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 compliance and adherence to the latest zero-trust publications from NIST.


Apps use identity-based privileges rather than passwords to access resources

Comprehensive and contextual audit

Receive detailed audits from VM and containerized environments. Eliminate your blind spots.

Enforce least privileges

Automatically apply the least privilege principles based on application identity.

Real-time intelligently routed alerts

Let precise alerts come to you and avoid alert fatigue.

App transparency 

Araali works with any app written in any language. It even works with third-party and open source apps without modification.

DevOps friendly

Integrate security at the speed of DevOps.

Araali Onboarding


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